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Mine &
Mint & Trade NFTs

DigToc is an HTML-based mining game with the concept of traversing the entire universe to mine the most important resource, Gem Stone.

Anyone can mine gemstones freely, increase the amount of mining by leveling up equipment, and mint this equipment with NFTs to sell it to other users.

DigToc provides a ranking system on a monthly and quarterly basis according to the amount of mining among users and the mining speed, so that Jamstones are paid according to the ranking!!

Where is Gem Stone used?


DigToc Style

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Let's bet on endless possibilities with one click!

DicToc supports web and mobile, and you can play anytime, anywhere by connecting your wallet. Anyone can upgrade an item to increase its value with effort, and make it into an NFT and sell it to the market!

In the future, DigToc will be linked with the world famous platform, Metaverse, so you can exchange Jamstone with the corresponding cryptocurrency. The ratio will be determined and announced by the relevant platform company.

Mining & NFT

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    Gem Stone

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your equipment and
make it into an NFT!

DigToc can earn Jam Stones through mining, and you can earn more Jam Stones with various equipment and items.

Equipment includes pickaxes, shovels, hammers, drills, bombs, and more, and there are rarities.

There are also boosters, autoclick items, and VIP packages to help you with your mining.

Players can use the accumulated Jam Stones to purchase items and exchange them for cryptocurrency.

It is also possible to upgrade equipment and issue it as NFT for sale.


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